Juris Datum

I help governments and businesses manage their legal data.

My work with legislation often involves XML, a convenient format for highly structured, natural language documents. I write parsers to construct XML from plain text, transform XML from one schema to another, and build applications for search and analysis. I work extensively with United States Legislative Markup, the Crown Legislative Markup Language, and LegalDocumentML, affectionately known as Akoma Ntoso.

Some past projects include

I have also worked with businesses to produce digital information of all sorts in litigation or regulatory proceedings, including sensitive source code subject to protective orders. And I’ve prepared fact and expert witnesses to testify about software development, data management, and related topics.

I’m Jim Mangiafico, a software developer and attorney. I live and work just outside of Washington DC.

I used to practice commercial litigation at a large firm in Washington. My degree is from The University of Michigan Law School, where I was Executive Articles Editor of The Michigan Law Review.

I’ve been writing computer programs since Santa Claus brought me a TI-99/4A. In 2014 I earned first place in two Legislative Data Challenges sponsored by the Library of Congress.